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Year: 2012
Medium: mixed media collage
Size: 38" x 26.5"
Commissioned by Bill Deborg, this work was created using a photograph of the patron’s son, Zach, kicking a soccer ball. The work was commissioned to celebrate the Zach’s passion for the sport. The artist, David Spear, understood that Zach already had a print by Spear called Sisyphus (2007) a collage and oil paint on board created for Jeff Powell’s business Transformational fitness and in the collection of Beth Abernathie. Spear decided to use this technique to create a portrait of Zach.

The background is based on a seemingly whimsical dream that took place while Spear was traveling through Bilbao, Spain in 2001. The trip was originally taken to see the new Guggenheim Museum created by the architect Frank Gehry. In the dream, a traveler walks through an old section of Bilbao and as he turn a corner he looks up to see the side of a giant futuristic stadium with earth tones in the style of a Lee Bonticou work. In 2010, Spear once again saw the building he had dreamt about but this time it was on television. The building was the stadium built in South Africa for the 2010 World Cup. Spear took a curious interest in the World Cup wondering why he had dreamt of the building. It wasn’t until Spain, the country he had dreamt in, won the World Cup did Spear consider the dream as an odd premonition, a premonition that seemed arbitrary and somewhat comical given Spear’s distance from the sport and the country. Nevertheless, Spear found it necessary to use these aspects of his own soccer experience as the background material for Zach’s painting. Thus, on the right side of the background is a landscape based on Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum and the left side is the stadium Soccer City built in Johannesburg, South Africa for the 2010 World Cup.

It is a work about dreams coming to fruition

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