David Spear


Gallery : Temporal Auxiliaries

This is a collection of works on display at Orr Street Studios in Columbia Missouri that considers and weighs the transient nature of time in terms of antecedent appropriations, historical recollections and artist as individual.

The images below should provide a little deeper insight into the intentions of the work.

After Benton Wall

Benton's maquette

rough draft study by Thomas Hart Benton

Benton Painting for the Saunders-Moses Dam

Harrison Bergeron series wall 1

The Questions - Free Association Chart

The Information Age

In Praise of Folly - Free association Chart

Harrison Bergeron Wall 2

The Platform - Bergeron free association chart

Operation Ajax - Free Association Chart

The Forgotten - Free Association Chart

Heck of a Job, Brownie - Free Association Chart

The Rake's Progress - Free Asssociation Chart

Harrison Bergeron Commercial

Harrison Bergeron Timeline

Balance of the Archetypes

Submerged wall