David Spear


Gallery : Landscapes

Austin Sounds

Traveling Without Moving

The Franchise

View from the garage

Traveling Without Moving

Small Town America

Bolster Destinations

Columbia Rising

Columbia Sunset

On Location

Columbia Rising

Painting with Scott Naeger

University of Missouri (detail "Columbia Sunset")

Boone Hospital (detail "Columbia Sunset")

Mizzou Football

University paintings at Memorial Union

University of Missouri (south-west view)

University of Missouri (Memorial Union)

University of Missouri (White Campus)

The Gateway

Columbia Law

Columbia Courthouse

FAB Building with Rooftop Adversities

Jesse Hall

Tiger Town

Evening Columbia

Rainbow house benefit (finished)

Jefferson Capital

Modern Landscape

Bennett Springs

Columbia Cemetery

Grindstone Cliff

Columbia Cemetery

Destin Beach

Destin Night

Grindstaone Cliff

The Wednesday Club


Paintings at Wabash Station

In Transit

In Transit

In Transit

In Transit


Last Toast to Tom Davis

The Remnants of Incompetence

Still Life

Cosmic Debree


Memorial Union Print


CCMO (via La Chateau des Pyrenees, Magritte)

Columbia Round 1

Columbia Round 2