David Spear



Artist Statement

As an artist, I consider myself a utility player. My bachelorís degree, a general in fine arts, allowed me to take a wide range of classes and learn a variety of techniques, mediums and concepts, all of which I have utilized throughout my career.

Upon graduating, I started an artistic career creating large scale paintings for a variety of patrons while using my other skills to help with marketing, web design and art reproductions. In graduate school I widened my skills and knowledge further, diving into the avant-garde and creating paintings and graphics that incorporated video, animation, sculpture and performance art, all heavily influenced by my passion for history and the evolution of art.

In my experience as a freelance artist and educator, I continually pursue a deeper understanding of history and techniques and am able to apply those lessons while collaborating with patrons and students. The result is a body of work that weaves through genres of realism and abstraction, high and low art, and often vary widely in artistic concept, statement and purpose.

I believe a rotation of artistic positions is a beneficial strength of playing in this expansive, post-modern field and through it I have expanded my capabilities and broadened my views. It is this expansion and understanding of diverse processes and perspectives that continually motivate and inspire my artistic career.